Industrial Ingredients

Industrial IngReDients 

Hanks Brokerage, Inc. is one of the largest industrial brokers in our market. With a diversified sales staff, we are able to develop and maintain relationships with our customer base.

Market Coverage

Our industrial sales division actively covers the markets of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Mississippi, and Alabama.  Not all partners are represented by Hanks Brokerage in the full territory.  Contact Us for details.

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Hanks Brokerage, Inc. is one of the largest industrial brokers in our market and works hard to bring opportunities to our food service principals.

Sweeteners & Functional Ingredients

As the market continues to demand clean label solutions, Hanks Brokerage is proud to partner with the following companies who can help prevent your company facing issues with:

Product adulteration
Price optimization
Supply issues
Demand for nutritional improvement

Clarified Pineapple Syrup

Offers a variety of honey products, much of which is produced domestically. Stringent testing parameters which eliminates risk of adulterated or circumvented products.

Acesulfame Potassium
Crystalline Fructose
Monk Fruit

Vertically integrated agave company which can offer agave nectars which have been used by major brands.

Plum and Prune juice concentrates, powders, and bits
Diced and whole pitted plums


Sourcing specialist for gluten-free, organic, and non-GMO ingredients


A revolutionary patented technology that delivers natural salt with lower sodium

Bioidentical, non-hemp-based CBD available in both liquid and powder forms

Hydrocolloid and stabilizer systems

Natural antioxidants geared toward a variety of different applications

Rosemary based antioxidants suitable for slowing the oxidation of fats.

Broad spectrum hemp extract

Creates a variety of inclusions that can be used in a wide range of applications. Products can be customized to fit your application and need.

Offers a variety of dried honey, molasses, and malt products for the food industry. Our quality dried sweetener ingredients help make your food products taste (and look) great!

Alternatives to synthetic meat ingredients, including curing agents, accelerators, and natural phosphate alternatives.


It has been said that consumers eat with their eyes. Hanks Brokerage partners with the following companies to cover your color needs which will help you optimize the visual appeal of your product. Through these partners, we can help address your needs for providing:

• Clean label solutions
• Clean label solutions
• Formulation assistance
• Matching
• Price optimization

Enhance your products’ taste, appearance, and nutritional value with fruit and vegetable concentrates and powders.

• Full line of caramel color products
• Full line of caramel color products
• Clean label and organic options
• Matching and technical support offered

• Natural and synthetic colors
• Liquids and powders
• Matching and technical support offered

Dairy Products

Hanks Brokerage can offer several solutions to any project utilizing dairy ingredients. We can offer creative solutions to help with:


  • Cost reduction
  • Shelf-life optimization of raw ingredients Flavor enhancement
  • Nutritional formulation solutions
  • Label matching

Artisan inspired Italian cheeses

• Shelf stable reduced cooking cream
• European-style butter
• Lamination butter sheets
• Variety of Cheddar Cheese
• Egmont Cheese – Gouda-like flavor, medium cheddar finish, mozzarella-like stretching properties

• Functional dairy concentrates
• Ready to use fillings
• Specially processed cheeses

Frozen and Dried Egg Products

• Starter distillates
• Enzyme modified cheeses
• Custom soup and sauce bases
• Acid blends
• Vegan options

and spices

Building your target flavor profile can be a multifaceted approach. We have numerous solutions to help you build and refine your product’s flavor as well as offering:

• Trend analysis
• Clean label solutions
• Product matching
• Price optimization

Bulk Spices, Herbs, Dehydrated vegetables


Domestic Onion, Garlic, Parsley, and Capsicum products

Organic spices

Custom Spice Blends

Spice extractives and oleoresins

Natural dairy flavors

Custom natural and artificial flavors (liquid and spray dry)

Vinegars, Cooking wines, Denatured spirits

American Instants
Instant Coffees and teas

Natural smoke flavors

Dried chili peppers and blends, pastes, purees, smoked products

Sauces, Condiments, & Oils

Whether you are looking for a condiment to be an essential element to your product or looking to add a creative top-note, we have various solutions to help meet your needs.

Distributor of various oils

Apple butters and applesauce

Asian sauces

Tabasco® branded sauces

Cooking wines, Wine reductions, and Denatured spirits

Ketchup, Tomato sauce, and Chili sauce

Hot sauces, Steak sauces, Worchestershire sauce

Mustard products

Distributor of Asian sauces, Mustards, Oils, and Peanut Butter

Olive oils (EVOO, refined and blended, flavored), Balsamic, and Specialty Vinegars

Vegetable & Chile Products

Soups, sauces, and dressings have been a key market for Hanks Brokerage and we have various solutions to offer. Our staff can help recommend the appropriate solution by understanding your:


  • Labeling requirements
  • Processing conditions and finished application
  • Storage and packaging limitations
  • Freight considerations

Organic dehydrated chile products

Dehydrated capsicum and vegetable products

Aged Tabasco pepper products

Dehydrated capsicum and vegetable products

Dehydrated vegetable products

Dehydrated chiles and chile purees

Shelf stable onion, garlic, and chile products

Pre-cooked, dehydrated beans

IQF vegetable products

Freeze dried vegetable products

Microdried vegetables, beans, and legumes

Dehydro-brined and IQF green chile, jalapeno, and chipotle products

Canned and aseptic tomato products

Block frozen Hatch green chiles, pepper products

Canned vegetable products

For brands seeking to meet the demand for clean label statements, we offer:

  • VegCon TM single vegetable concentrates
  • VegBlend TM blended vegetable concentrates
  • VegDry TM vegetable powders

Sundried tomato products

FRUIT, NUt, and seed products

Whether you are looking to add interesting flavors, texture, or improve your nutritional value of your product, we can offer solutions to help you achieve your goal.

Organic seeds

IQF fruits

Applesauce, Apple juice and cider, Pie fillings

Freeze dried fruit products

Microdried Fruits

Lemon and lime juice concentrates

Northwest Packing Division Canned Pears, Plums, Cherries, and Cranberries

Canned fruit products

Dry Pastas

Diced and whole pitted plums, Plum and Prune juice concentrates, Powders, and Bits

Frozen and aseptic fruit purees and concentrates

Sundried fruits

For brands seeking to meet the demand for clean label statements, look no further than our  JuiceDryTM fruit powders

Dehydrated and frozen citrus peels; citrus purees and juices


Hanks Brokerage represents over 30 product lines. The following are vendors who can offer organic products.

Organic and non-GMO caramel colors

Enzyme modified dairy ingredients

Sourcing specialist for gluten-free, organic, and non-GMO ingredients

Monkfruit, Stevia, Erythritol

Instant coffee and tea

Agave and Inulin


Fruit concentrates (by contract only)

Herbs, spices, custom blends

Organic color solutions

Spice extractives and oleoresins


Citrus Products

California-grown onion, paprika, and chili pepper

Lemon and lime juice concentrates

Sundried apricots and tomatoes

Microdried fruits and vegetables

Freeze dried fruit and vegetables

Dehydrated chiles and chile purees

Tomato products

Pre-cooked, dehydrated beans

Organic compliant flavors