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Offered – NT=North Texas, H=Houston, SA=San Antonio-Austin, ST = South Texas, WT=West Texas, T=All of Texas, OK=Oklahoma, NM=New Mexico, AR=Arkansas, US=Coast to Coast

Advanced Spice & Trading, Inc.
( Owned & Operated by the Hanks family servicing the entire US )

Importer, processor and full line distributor of spices and food ingredients. Product line consists of, but is not limited to whole and ground spices, dehydrated onion and garlic, chili peppers and powders, paprika, parsley, cilantro, sugar, salt, whey, MSG, Oleoresins and foodservice containers and lids. SQF Inspected facility – Rated SQF 2. (

Alessi Bakeries
( T )

Recognized leader in the “Mini Dessert” category whose family tradition has been dedicated to Quality & Consistency since 1912. Products include Fancy Pastries, Cheesecakes, Macaroons, Cream Puffs, Eclairs, Tartlets, Brownies, Petit Fours, and T-Cakes. (

American Foods Group
( T, OK, NM, AR )

Family owned and operated since the early 1950’s, King’s Command Foods, Inc. is committed to bringing quality, portion controlled, precooked and ready-to-cook meat products to food service with a focus on providing great taste, quality, and center-of-the-plate products at a reasonable price. (

Best Maid Cookies
( T, NM )

Family business started in 1943 making the very best cookie for the very best price. Making Gourmet, delicious cookies made with all natural ingredients including exquisite chocolate, real M&M’s®, Reese’s Pieces®, plump California raisins and Hawaiian Cane Sugar. Produced in Mini’s, 1 oz., 2 oz., 3 oz., Baked – Bulk Boxes or Individually Wrapped or proportioned Doug Pucks. (

Blue Runner Foods
( T )

We make authentic Louisiana Creole meal solutions using traditional recipes and slow-cooking methods which produce Creole cream style beans that for nearly a century have pleased the most discerning Louisiana food lovers. The quality of our beans have been so good we offer our carefully selected premium Dry Beans in bags. (

Carla's Pasta
( T )

Woman owned, family run, thirty five year old nationally distributed company. All we make are pasta and pestos. We are a USDA, HACCP compliant facility ‘A’ Rated by the British Retail Consortium. Carla's is all about quality, quality, and quality closely followed by customer service and quality. (

Carnival Culinary Solutions
( T )

Full service food manufacturer offering “complete menu solutions” including hand-made appetizers, dips, a full line of soups, sauces and gravies, as well as center of the plate entrees and desserts. (

The Cheesecake Factory
( T, NM )

Since 1972 has been a place where delicate flavors, classic techniques and whimsical imagination comes together to create premium, indulgent cheesecakes, layer cakes and specialty items for the leading edge restaurant operators who demand the most innovative and irresistible desserts in the world. (

Consolidated Catfish Producers

Established in 1979 packing fresh and frozen Catfish. Along with Catfish Consolidated manufactures the “Bourbon Mall Fried Hot Tamales” which is a 2.75 oz All Beef Beer Battered Tamale that can be fried for Appetizers, Fast Food and Entrée’s.

DEEN Meats and Cooked Foods
(T, AR, NM, OK )

As a second generation family owned business established in 1946 Deen produces quality cooked and marinated foods for chain restaurants worldwide. Products include Beef Cutlets, Beef Cube Steak, Grill Ready Beef & Chicken Fajitas along with Kettle Cooked Chili, Taco Meat & Soup, Shredded Chicken & Pork and other Custom Items. (

( T, OK )

Quality supplier of Pasteurized and pH Controlled Ground Garlic, Minced Garlic with Oil or with Water, Ground and Minced Ginger and Ground White Onion. Diced Sweet Red Peppers, Ground Green Jalapenos, Ground Red Jalapenos and Red Chile-Garlic Blend are also available. (

GiRard’s Salad Dressings
(T, OK, NM)

The Girard’s brand had its beginning in San Francisco in 1935 with a recipe for Girard’s Original French Dressing created by Wilfred L. Girard. They continue to develop and produce a wide variety of unique high-quality flavored salad dressings, sauces, white salad dressing and mayonnaise. (

Lee Kum Kee
( T )

Leader of Authentic Chinese Sauces since 1888. Offering a full line of Oyster Flavored, Chili, Soy, Cooking and Dipping Sauces for Food Service. (

Manchester Farms
( T, OK, NM )

Oldest, respected and largest producer of farm raised Quail in the US with exceptional product quality and customer service. Processing 110,000+ birds per week with no antibiotics or growth hormones. (

Neil Jones Food Companies
(T )

San Benito Foods
Full line of Food Service Tomato Products in 6/#10 cans.
Old California
Pouch pack 6/#10 equivalent pack tomatoes and custom formulations of tomato based products.
Northwest Packing
Bartlett Pears, Purple Plums. Royal Anne & Dark Sweet Cherries.

New Mexico Green Chile Company
( T, OK, NM)

USDA Inspected Hatch Green Chile’s in Mild, Hot, Extra Hot, Whole or Diced with consistent heat levels. All product is harvested, flame roasted and frozen within 24 hours during which time it is triple inspected to clean any peels or stems missed. Product has higher yield and less residue. (

Pompeii, Inc.
( T )

Offering four flavors of juice concentrates including lemon, lime, key lime along with grenadine and soy sauce available in 4 oz squeeze bottles, ½ gallon, 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers. (

Raw Seafoods, Inc.
( T )

Family owned business founded in the heart of one of the worlds largest fishing ports, historic New Bedford, Massachusetts. Specializing in processing, freezing, packaging and distributing fresh and frozen Scallops. Also own the new Cape Cod Cuisine brand of gourmet quality seafood meals, entrees and appetizers. (

Red Bird Farms
( T )

Providing Fresh and Natural chicken since the 1940’s. All chicken is fed an all vegetarian diet and never given any antibiotics. All chicken is process by a talented employee team of cutters skilled in providing a precise cut on a consistent basis from airline cut to frenched cuts and deboned to bone in. (

Rudolph Foods Corp
( T )

PSince 1955 we have been producing Pork Rinds, still utilizing the same secret recipe Mary Rudolph created in her family kitchen, although we have perfected the pork rind manufacturing process with quality standards so high you’re ensured the best tasting pork rind around! Maybe that’s why we are the world’s largest manufacture of Pork Rinds. (

Schrieber Foods International
( T )

A full line of products under the Ambrosia Brand. Products include Condiments (Capers, Coconut), Cream of Coconut, Fruits (Apricots, Apples, Cherries, Figs, Fruit Cocktail, Mandarin, Peaches, Pears, Pineapple), Colman Mustard, Olives, Seafood (Anchovies & Tuna), Vegetables (Artichokes, Carrots, Corn, Giardiniera, Grape Leaves, Hearts of Palm, Mushrooms, Onions, Pepperoncini, Peppers, Pimientos, Sundried Tomatoes, Tomatillos, Water Chestnuts). (

Syracuse’s Sausage Company
( T, OK, NM, AR )

High quality sausage manufacturer with a family tradition dating back generations.  Product line includes Italian, Cajun, Smoked, Wisconsin Style, Polish, Texas, Mexican, Brazilian and Breakfast style sausages along with numerous styles of Meatballs.  (

Traina International
( T )

Traina Dried Fruit is a privately-owned corporation that farms and produces sun dried fruits and vegetables for ingredient companies and food distributors around the world. Primary products are Sun Dried Tomatoes, Sun Dried Fruits and Sun Dried Fruit Sauces. (

Valdez Corporation
( Owned & Operated by Hanks servicing the entire US & Several Foreign Countries )

A Custom spice company specializing in proprietary and portion controlled seasoning blends, batters, breaders and re-packs of raw spices. Custom package sizes depending on customer including food service 1 lb., 5 lb. and retail containers. SQF Inspected facility – Rated SQF 2. (

Wayne Farms LLC
( T, OK, NM, AR)

Wayne Farms LLC is dedicated to developing innovative products including fully cooked, ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook and custom-designed poultry products representing the best value and best selection of great tasting chicken entrees, snacks and food items. We have a host of top food design engineers, scientists, and culinary experts dedicated to developing innovative poultry products with the latest flavors and textures. (

Zerega Pasta
( T )

Using the finest ingredients and state-of-the-art equipment produces custom dry pasta for the food processing, foodservice and retail markets. Supplying 250 million pounds of dry pasta each year in 300 varieties with the ideal shape, dimensions and formulations so it performs perfectly in all applications. (



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