Food Service Sales Division

Our primary Food Service focus is with the numerous regional and national restaurant chains based in our territory. We have been fortunate enough to build numerous strong relationships in these type accounts that will ensure both us and our principals the opportunity to compete for business on the product lines that we represent. By focusing on chain business, we are able to ensure distribution and lock down long term contracts to keep your business and production on a more consistent level than straight distributor business.

Our secondary focus is building business on the street level and we are in the process of increasing our staff and training for the sole purpose of increasing our distributor level business. Of course to build distributor level business our principal has an integral role in developing the right programs for the distributors to encourage support and to our staff to offer the necessary incentives to make end-user work a positive experience for all of those involved. With the right programs, our end user work will enable us to grow the awareness of your product and brand, thus aiding your long-term growth potential.

We here at Hanks Brokerage, Inc. also try to grow the business of our principals in non-traditional markets. Due to the Industrial side of our business we are able to bring opportunities to our Food Service principals from non-traditional markets including further processors of food items that are used in the foodservice market or retail markets. 

Hanks Brokerage, Inc. maintains a strong role in our industries. Our company and individuals are active participants in many of the local and regional organizations that enable us to develop the contacts and relationships necessary in our competitive market. Our memberships include but are not limited to the GDRA (Greater Dallas Restaurant Association), the TRA (Texas Restaurant Association), the IFT (International Food Technologist) and the TFPA (Texas Food Processors Association). 

The industry of course continues to change on a daily basis and we are determined to stay ahead of the game and remain competitive and are always willing to listen to and pursue any recommendations that you or your company would like us to try.